Panu Hava

Team Leader

I’m responsible for developing our high-speed machines to perform at their best. I find solutions to challenges together with my colleagues by optimizing the performance of our products, making our processes smoother, cutting costs and over all improving the way we work. With the new products that are being added to our high-speed product category, I’ve been busy with clients and component suppliers. I get to travel, which I enjoy, and no workday is the same.

It was quite an easy choice to go and study mechanical engineering, as already in high school I enjoyed all the subjects related to it. After working at several other companies, I now get to apply the knowledge I gathered along the way on design and analysis at Yaskawa Environmental Energy / The Switch.

Besides from work, I particularly like to spend time with my children. Also, I enjoy sports and climbing. Climbing is in fact pure physics and I can apply my way of thinking to find the perfect climbing strategy – you have your bodyweight and the musculoskeletal system, and you try to find a way to swing yourself upward.