Panu Hava

Team Leader

I’m responsible for developing our high-speed machines to perform at their best. I lead design projects that involve engineers from different fields related to electric machines.

With the new products that are being added to our high-speed product category, I’ve been busy with customers and component suppliers. Occasionally, I get to travel, which I enjoy. No workday is the same.

It was quite an easy choice to go and study mechanical engineering, as I enjoyed all the subjects related to it already in high school. After working at several other companies, I now get to apply the knowledge I gathered along the way on design and analysis at Yaskawa Environmental Energy / The Switch.

Besides work, I particularly like to spend time with my children. Also, I enjoy sports and climbing. Climbing is in fact pure physics. And I can apply my way of thinking to find the perfect climbing strategy – you have your bodyweight and the musculoskeletal system – and you try to find a way to swing yourself upward.

At The Switch, we design and manufacture electric machines that require in-depth engineering in each project.

Without putting effort into simulations and other technical considerations, our products would never pass the acceptance tests, not to mention successful long-term operation in our customers’ actual applications.