Markus Silventoinen

Product Manager

When it came time to choose what I wanted to do in life, I knew I wanted work in a field where I’d get to be creative and design something. Also, I’ve always enjoyed taking apart and assembling all sorts of contraptions, so I chose to study mechanical engineering.

In my work in sales projects I get to use my skillset and previously learned knowledge as I act as a link between the customer and our technical gurus. I’ve learned a lot about the nature of rotating machines through my work first as a Design Engineer, then as Project Manager for special electrical machines and now as Product Manager in the high-speed motor field. I also get to manage development projects to ensure that our product portfolio meets the requirements of the customers as well as possible. I find it motivating to work with our customers and their intriguing applications and to see how our technology is applied efficiently.

My days usually consist of internal and customer meetings and a lot of email and phone correspondence. I find my work so interesting that it may at times be challenging to get my mind of projects, but I attempt to through hobbies. I keep my body and mind in good shape by moving actively – recently I’ve been practicing free-diving. I also love classic cars and motorcycles – fixing, building and driving them.