Nina Kvivesen

Office Assistant

Being a service-minded person, my job comes naturally to me. Ever since I started working at age 13 I’ve worked in the service sector. Currently, I work as an Office Assistant in the Stord, Norway office for Yaskawa Environmental Energy / The Switch. I got inspired to work as an office assistant by three ladies I would see working at my dad’s office when I visited as a kid. I looked up to them and would always help them with whatever I could.

My usual day at the office consists of all sorts of administrative tasks and I absolutely love the versatility of the work. It’s a fast-paced environment and no day is like the other, so I try to relax whenever I can. I spend time at home with my family and friends. Also, sometimes I go on spontaneous trips.

The two years that I’ve worked here has gone by fast and I’m looking forward to many more fun years!