Jonne Härkänen

Senior Factory Manager

Working at Yaskawa Environmental Energy has been motivating, as my natural skill set has been noticed and well utilized. As a social people person, I have been given opportunities to showcase my managerial skills, first as Team Leader and now as Senior Factory Manager in Lappeenranta. Even though I thoroughly enjoyed my starting position as Design Engineer, I’m excited to be recognized for my competences.

Despite the great responsibility I’ve been given at work, I do a lot besides just work – I spend time with my family, practice martial arts and work with dog agility training to keep my head in a good space. The relaxed working atmosphere at Yaskawa Environmental Energy really helps in balancing your life.

We have a very strong sense of togetherness and team spirit at Yaskawa Environmental Energy. I’ve noticed this especially when traveling to our different units across Finland and China. Everyone is greeted with open arms and warmth. It’s nice to come to work each day, especially knowing that we’re doing something good for the world environmentally and also because we have fun at work.

Working on the breaking wave of renewable energy is interesting. You learn new things almost every day.

The atmosphere allows us to try new things, and we don’t look foolish if we don’t always succeed the first time.

The production workforce is especially top notch. The feeling at work is energetic, and people want to take things forward on their own initiative.