Paul Atherton

Key Account Manager

I realized I wanted to work with engineering during my time at the Norwegian Air Force. Working at the communication center showed me what kind of cool equipment technology can offer and made me want to learn more about that. Growing up, I had always been disassembling and reassembling things at home, an interest which I then applied to my studies. I find working with drive solutions very exciting, especially now that the industry is moving towards more efficient applications.

I’m an outgoing guy, which is why my engineering background fits well with my current role in sales. Most of my spare time I spend playing with my three girls. On the weekends we like to go hiking and up to our cabin in the Norwegian mountains.

A big part of my job is having a dialogue with our customers, creating close relationships, discussing new projects and seeing how we can add more value for them. There’s an increasing focus on environmentally friendly solutions. The market is shifting towards green energy and we’re doing our best to reach our common goal with our customers: reducing emissions, increasing efficiency and improving profitability.