Maggie Xu

HR Manager, Beijing

One word to describe how I ended up working with human resources management is fate. I have always been interested in HR and languages. I also worked as a teacher for a while after graduating from university. I love working with people, helping them, and making them happy – in that way teaching and HR are very similar!

Most of my free time I spend playing with my two young boys. And I love to watch movies on the weekends. Traveling is a big passion of mine, and I’m looking forward to my children growing up and showing them the world.

I ended up at Yaskawa Environmental Energy after a friend introduced me to the company. I’ve worked here since 2010, and truly enjoy the people and the work culture here. My job covers all HR work of both Beijing and LuAn.

If asked why Yaskawa Environmental Energy / The Switch, and what is the main reason I am working at Environmental Energy / The Switch? I would say it is the people – and the respectful and tolerant environment. Our company is just like one big family where we can express our opinions freely and cooperate equally and supportively. We are truly looking forward to and willing to try our best to develop together with this big family.