Working at The Switch

Peter Reindl

Director of Engineering

Computers were just being introduced when I was growing up, which gave me the spark to pursue a career as a programmer. Things took a turn when, through my studies, I became interested in the electrical aspects of computers and started taking classes with motors and larger-type machinery. I joined Yaskawa Environmental Energy in 2010 and really enjoy working with the different applications for the products the company offers. I’m glad my work contributes to new green energy sources. Nature is close to my heart, and my large family spends a lot of time doing outdoor activities, such as skiing, hiking, camping, and playing with our two rescue dogs.

My tasks as the Director of Engineering are very versatile. I work with fitting The Switch products into different applications for our clients, performing sales activities, meeting customers, and attending different expositions in the US and internationally. It’s very nice to be involved in technology that is constantly evolving, helping to create solutions that are important both for our clients as well as the environment.