Alex Guo

Product Manager

My work as a Product Manager for converters takes me on frequent business trips across China, especially to wind parks. I meet with customers and act as a bridge between them and our research and development team. I make sure the customers understand and use our products efficiently and that we, Yaskawa Environmental Energy, understand our customers’ needs.

I enjoy visiting wind parks because they’re situated in nature. Being in nature makes me happy, and in my free time, I enjoy hiking and other sports with my wife. We also cook and watch movies to balance out the demanding yet rewarding working life.

Science fiction movies and cartoons, and later airplanes, inspired me to pursue a career in engineering. I didn’t end up as an airplane designer, but engineering brought me to the world of renewable energy. At Yaskawa Environmental Energy, I truly admire our products’ ability to generate and use energy efficiently. I’m very happy and committed to work in such a company that is doing something good for the world, with such amazing technology.