Markus Yli-Mäenpää

Service Engineer

I’ve had a knack for designing and building all sorts of things ever since I was a kid. Even today, during my free time, I have my own 3D design and printing projects going on.

This enthusiasm is what drove me to pursue a career in the field of energy industry manufacturing. I started off in production, constructing converter cabinets and generators used in wind turbines. From there, I moved to the service department, where we get to be in contact with customers and assist them in any product-related questions. It’s an interesting job – a quick response time is always appreciated. From time to time, I even get to travel to different sites. There I can see our component in our customer’s final product, and this always offers a better perspective of the big picture.

One thing that motivates me in my work is the nice atmosphere at the factory and the office. In service, I get to work with almost all the departments in our company, giving me a chance to meet and work with many different people. Also, our broad product line inspires me to continue to develop my competences. My work is variable and challenging enough and my work colleagues are nice.